Titanic The Movie

Rose's Dresser Photos

Movie Prop Reproductions

Set of 10 Different 4" x 6" Photos

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Professionally lithographed in "old" Sepia-Tone on quality photo stock, each photo measures 4.00" x 6.00" and can be placed in a standard 4.00" x 6.00" photo frame available at most discount and art supply stores

You will receive the complete set of Ten (10) photos with a Certificate of Authenticity. These are reproductions of the actual photos seen at the end of the movie on Gloria Stewarts (old Rose) dresser. These photos were created by artists in the making of the movie, the images are believed to be from James Cameron's personal photo album. Kate Winslet's image was superimposed over the original person in the photograph. Complete set of 10 photos come in custom black sealed folder as pictured

Actual scenes from "Titanic" (1997) showing some of the photos

Below are the images from the set of 10 photos you will receive

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